South Western University

Southwestern University was founded as Southwestern Colleges in the summer of 1946, when the entire country was in the process of rehabilitation from the destruction that resulted from the Second World War. The founders were Don Matias Hipolito Chavez Aznar II and his wife, Doña Anunciacion Barcenilla Aznar, both pharmacists, who wanted to establish a school that was within the reach of the common people.

Southwestern University is an educational community committed to the pursuit of world-class academic excellenceand the upliftment of the quality of life of those we touch.

We are recognized as the leader in medical, paramedical, teacher education, business and entrepreneurship, information technology, and language proficiency. Our academic programs, curricula and research are relevant to the needs of the industry.

Our competent, dedicated and motivated professionals promote synergy in the pursuit of sustainable growth and development.

Our proud alumni are our life-long partners in a global network. They are instrumental to our success and the fulfillment of our social responsibility.

We forge strong partnerships with like-minded institutions. These result in lasting and rewarding relationships that offer global competitiveness to our students and faculty.

We inspire our students to achieve their fullest potential and provide tangible opportunities to shape their destiny.

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