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Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines

Our Institution is integrated by sharing of expertise, knowledge, experiential clinical practices and educational resources. We believe that motivated and competent employees who work as an integrated team will be able to deliver superior academic results and produce excellent community. We work together to learn together and to train together our students in faith, in order to serve the people of God as teachers, healers and health care givers.


 A Health Care Professional in Every Home Schooled and Trained at Ago Medical and
Education Center, Bicol christiall Medical college.


Ago Medical and Education Center was found by Dr. Damaceno J. Ago on 1975, who has envisioned in his life that our country Philippines, particularly the Bicol region, can be great if the youth, men and women could he molded so that they will he morally upright, creative and productive of commodities and ideas. Leadership training is necessary; hence these learning institutions are committed through their curricular offerings to involve students in academic and non-academic activities.

In 1980, it started Bicol Christian Medical College and merged it with Ago Medical and education Center.

Facilities and Courses

Bicol Christian Medical College is well known for its Research and Development and its Academic Programs are supervised by CHED and TESDA. Its campus is located in Legazpi city, Philippines and it has courses for College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, Midwifery, Medical technology, Radiologic technology and Graduate school of health sciences.


We, the Board of Trustees and Faculty of the Bicol Christian College of Medicine, believe that:

1. Society exists for the welfare of men & women

2. Health is a fundamental right of every person.

3. There will always be health problems in every person and in every community at one time or another.


4. The medical school exists because of the health problems that are prevalent in every person and in every community.

5.  The medical school should help solve the health problems of the community through its administrators, faculty, students, and graduates and through a primary health care approach.

6.  Medical students shall be treated as adult learners.

7.  All adults are capable of learning given the proper guidance and support.

8.  Active learning activities yield the best results.

9.  Learning to become a competent physician is best achieved through a problem-based and a competency-based learning approach.

10. Learning to be a community-oriented physician is best achieved through a community-based learning approach.

11. Medical education is a life-time learning process.

12. All physicians should have competency in self-directed learning.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines​

1. Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI): Students will get ‘Eligibility Certificate’ from MCI & can practice in India after appearing for Screening Test. After Graduating students can apply for Government jobs in India and do PG/MD/MS courses in India.

2. Medical Universities Listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva, FAIMER etc. Graduates can apply for license with Medical Councils of more than 180 countries.

3. Study Medicine in Philippines – Get Dual Degree (BS & MD)

4. Full English Medium Teaching for all Faculties

5. Affordable education, accommodation & living cost.

6. American Style PBL Curriculum. Eligible to appear for USMLE.

7. Philippines is the fourth Largest English speaking country in the world. Education system similar to that of USA, as a result of a long relation with USA.


8. Medical & Nursing education geared towards Employment in USA/ UK and easy to pass USMLE [Medical] , CGFNS, NCLEX [ Nursing]

9. Since English is the language of communication and language of instruction in  Universities, no need to learn their native language to Communicate will the patients. Therefore providing a better understanding of the subjects.

10.One of the largest immigrant community in USA is Filipinos

11.The Philippines has the highest English literacy rate in Asia – 93.8%.

12.The Philippines attracts students from more than 65 countries. Students from the United States and Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong are also studying in the Philippines

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